Main Features and Services

20EXCHANGE is dedicated to providing comprehensive, deep, and innovative solutions for on-chain digital asset trading to meet the diverse needs of users across different trading levels.

Global Liquidity Aggregation:

Through global liquidity aggregation, 20EXCHANGE seamlessly connects with the current mainstream L1/L2 chains, inscribed assets in the UTXO model, and the Lightning Network's trading markets. This means users can efficiently conduct cross-chain transactions on different blockchain networks without the need to transfer assets between different chains, achieving decentralized asset management.

Smart Pricing Strategies:

We introduce smart pricing strategies that automatically analyze market data and trends to offer users the most competitive pricing. This ensures that users obtain competitive prices during the trading process, reducing slippage and efficiently enhancing user trading returns through the integration of AI with on-chain transactions.

High-Speed Trading Execution Engine:

20EXCHANGE is equipped with a high-speed trading execution engine, ensuring users can swiftly complete transactions, aiding them in seizing market opportunities and improving overall trading efficiency.

Enhanced Security Measures:

User security is our top priority. We have implemented enhanced security measures, including advanced encryption technology, multi-factor authentication, and secure storage methods, ensuring optimal protection for users' digital assets and personal information.

Global Service Coverage:

Our services are designed for users globally, covering various digital asset markets worldwide. This provides users with a broader range of trading choices, meeting their needs for liquidity sources and transactions involving different asset pairs.

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