Economic Model

Token Economics and Distribution Mechanism:

The token economics of 20EXCHANGE are designed to establish a sustainable ecosystem for the platform, providing users with diverse incentives. Token holders also play a pivotal role as contributors to the platform's future governance. The functionalities of the 20EXCHANGE token (abbreviated as 20EX) include:

1. Transaction fees

2. Decision-making through governance voting

3. Incentives for liquidity mining

4. Platform privileges and other benefits

The total supply of 20EX is 21 million, distributed as follows:

Mining (transaction mining/staking): 50%, mined out over 10 years. Ecosystem development: 20%, released linearly over 10 years.

Airdrop: 10%

Team: 10%, released linearly over 5 years. Institutional investment: 10%, released linearly over 5 years.

In order to achieve a more equitable token distribution and encourage active participation in the platform's ecosystem development, 50% of 20EX will be distributed through a trading mining mechanism. This balanced token allocation mechanism aims to establish a healthy economic ecosystem, providing impetus for the continuous development of 20EXCHANGE.

Through this economic model, 20EXCHANGE is committed to establishing a robust, dynamic, and innovative token economy, offering sustainable incentives and long-term mutual benefits for users and participants.

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